Attractions in Tulsa

Philbrook Museum
This famous museum in Tulsa is located in an estate once owned by oil pioneer Waite Phillips. It is now considered to be one of the top 50 museums of fine arts in the United States. The museum contains American, Egyptian and Roman artworks. A large collection of Native American costumes is also showcased. The museum's outdoor spaces feature beautiful gardens, pristine walking paths and elegant waterways.

Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
The largest collection of Jewish artworks and artifacts in the Southwest United States is featured within this museum. Over 10,000 pieces include items like historical documents and costumes. The museum additionally showcases important texts recovered from old synagogues. The Herman and Kate Kaiser Holocaust Collection details the story of holocaust survivors who eventually immigrated to Oklahoma.

Woodward Park
This vast parkland is one of the most popular places in Tulsa for outdoor activities. A botanical garden and arboretum enhance the park's splendor. Plant life includes tulips, irises and over 9,000 roses. The park's centerpiece is a smaller replica of a Native American on horseback known as the known as the "Appeal to the Great Spirit" sculpture.

Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum
This family attraction contains wildlife inhabitants such as monkeys, weasels and wildcats. Daily presentations conducted by trainers allow visitors to learn more about the behaviors and feeding habits of animals like sea lions, penguins and elephants. A special reptile exhibit gives visitors a closer look at some of nature's most mysterious creatures. The Robert J. LaFortune North American Museum is a four-building complex featuring live animals, minerals, fossils and Native American artifacts.

Gilcrease Museum
Artworks detailing American history are omnipresent within this museum. The museum also features historical documents from the early days of America and the American Civil War. Many fine artworks created by Native American and Mexican artists are on display as well. The museum's outdoor space includes a 460-acre garden.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium
Many historical aircrafts are showcased throughout this attraction. Some of the aircrafts have even been used by the U.S. military. Flight simulators and other interactive exhibits provide the ultimate thrill for visitors. Visitors can also enjoy outer space exhibits and HD films shown on a dome in the planetarium.